Girl's project:

Girl power and human trafficking

Trafficking of young girls from Nepal to India for forced prostitution is probably the busiest slave trafficking route in the whole world. Many of the girls are sold by their close family members, and even if they get rescued, most of them will face great challenges, such as being outcast from their village and family, and unable to get another job.

Would you like to make a difference? Join our girls rafting trip on the Sun Kosi! The ten days expedition is a part of our girls project, aimed to help the girls that have been rescued back to Nepal. This trip is all about inspiration and open to any girl who would like to join – no matter if you want to come in a raft or a kayak. For every lady who comes on the trip, we also sponsor one of our rescued girls to come along. With the high girl power factor, our goal is to give a proper boost of confidence to our girls and help making their new life a little bit easier.